Preview of Our Seller Ads Platform V2

Asif Ali
11:10 AM on April 7,2016

We are excited to showcase Seller Ads Platform - V2. The new version of Seller Ads brings about major changes that help you reaching a larger audience segment and succeed in advertising on Snapdeal.

So what’s new with Version 2?

Simple, clean UI with more control to you.

Having got feedback from hundreds of advertisers, we have incorporated this feedback into our panel to give you access to a more powerful, highly intuitive UI.

Why promote individual products when you can group them as campaigns?

We’re introducing ad campaigns which allows you to group multiple similar set of products into one logical group and promote it.

The campaign creation process gives you a series of options which includes budget, campaign dates and bid prices for your campaign.


As an advertiser, if you would like to get access to a larger audience you might want to increase your bid price at-least to the minimum recommended bid price. Asyour prices are part of an auction, if your price is better than the others then your ads get higher priority over others ads (assuming that a range of other factors are in favor as well).

Various Campaign Options

You can setup your campaign with various targeting options including delivering it in different cities in India

Deliver user personalized ads based on interest, intent and past purchases

A user's intent to purchase an item is a powerful thing. With Snapdeal Ads, you can now target buyers with ads of your product. For example you can advertise socks to all users who have already bought a shoe. OR you can target users who added a shoe to cart but never bought, with an ad of your shoe.

This helps in reaching user at a critical time of purchase and help him quickly decide what to buy. These kind of campaigns are going to get more granular which means you will be able to add more detailed information and target users when they are closer to purchase.

You can also retarget users (show them ads of same products that they were interested in, but did not buy), target cross categories (as explained above) or deliver personalized ads with this version of the platform.

User intent and purchase history is anonymized to prevent user information leak to sellers and to protect privacy.

These kind of ads leverage our Data Platform (DP) which helps build comprehensive profiles of users and their purchase behaviors. More on this later.

Target by Location

Snapdeal ads now allows you to deliver targeted ads by various states allowing you to service ads only in those places where serviceability is available.

The audience reach panel on the right side also provides the possible reach for this given targeting. In the above screen, it shows 2 crores 37 lakh impressions (ad views) as opposed to 47 lakh clicks.

CPC Price is suggested at Rs 15 to win maximum impressions out of 2.37 crore, although user can set it at as much as he wants to with a floor requirement of Rs 2.00

And finally better reporting and measurement

Snapdeal Ads now supports more detailed reporting and measurement. You now have visual charts showcasing trend lines of your ads performance, conversion data of products sold through ads and soon lift measurements on how much boost in sales that you have got by using advertising.

How to get access?

Snapdeal ads V2 is in early beta for select sellers with reasonable budgets to advertise. Be an early bird to take advantage of the new features.

If you would like to switch to this panel, write to us at along with your monthly advertising budgets and we will activate the panel for you.